Celebrating Colour – The Holi Way


Imagine Life in Black and White. Imagine love. Imagine magical destinations, late night parties and the most sumptuous foods. Imagine the fashionistas, the power players and the beach. Feel the view from the top of the world. And the finest vintage. Imagine all this, without colour. Sure, monochrome has its poignant and dramatic moments. But life, in its purest essence, is a riot of colour.

Colour, colour and more colour. That is the essence of Holi.



_MG_7267 resized


Where I come from, Holi is a messy two day street party! Personally, the ‘Festival of Colour’ has always been my favourite festival. It’s an explosion of different hues and loud music, with people being gung-ho about every little thing, including but not limited to sweet adulterated stuff. The festivities and traditions involved make it surreally awesome!



IMG_6749 IMG_6734

There are various legends about Holi. I like the one where Lord Krishna, a mischievous child then, smears colour on the face of Radha because he was jealous of her fair skin! Till date, the practice lives on. Over the years, smearing colour on people we love has become a common and much beloved practice.

IMG_6824 IMG_6788

Another facet of the Holi festival is that you can get away with almost anything. There is license to immerse people in mud baths. Shower them with all sorts of queasy colours. Or just throw bucketfuls of coloured water on strangers. It’s all justified. Because, it’s Holi, dude!!


People might throw powder directly into your face at times, Every inch of your body is a target. Some people like to protect themselves. The shy ones are the biggest targets. Just get yourself immersed in colour quickly. And pray that you avoid the egss! Easier said than done.

_MG_7315 portrait resized

Holi is a festival which celebrates life and seeks to rejuvenate & reinvigorate. It is being involved in a myriad hue of iridescent colors, from the lightest pastel to the deepest shades.



It is chaos and mayhem, with random strangers and friends & family alike. Holi surely has to be one of India’s best parties!



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