A New Year- That Typical post.

This is a typical new year blog post. Lately I havnt been writing much. Whatever things I wrote, some of it seemed to be a haze of confusion and a little despairing.

As a new year is upon us, it brings with it new hopes, challenges and a renewed sense of optimism of overcoming those challenges. The past few months have been really challenging. I have been working a lot and have completely and utterly locked away my camera. Devoid of my favourite companion, I actually have become a bit lackluster.

So I started asking myself. Is this the life for me? Are these the kind of relationships am looking for?

Living in a small town and working 7 days a week isnt my idea of an ideal life. Far from it. There are people I miss and its a real nightmare at times. But the experience has also taught me that whatever happens, I will still be around. And sometimes the smallest things in life can bring the biggest of joys.

Living alone with a zero social life for 25 days a month is a pain sometimes. Oscillating between extreme highs and lows is even worse. But I have some purpose now. And some things to look forward to.

With a new year, there are fresh hopes and with new people around, I hope my storyteller project is finally taking shape.

I will probably get my camera out and start shooting again. Till that time, do stick around. I promise, it will be worth it 🙂



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